David Brady provides customized financial management and contract CFO services for companies in transition.

Whether you are seeking to develop a business plan, complete an acquisition, negotiate a key contract, or stabilize the business due to a changing environment, David Brady will bring key analysis and negotiating skills to the table to ensure you make the best possible choices for your business.

Crisis Management and Control

Stabilize Business
Facilitate a detailed assessment of the current situation, including financials, management, operations, and cash flow.
Maximize Cash Flow
Streamline operations and overhead to preserve available cash and negotiate favourable arrangements with vendors and creditors.
Improve Cost Structure
Review overhead expenditures including staff, direct and indirect costs for potential efficiencies and excesses.
Facilitate Decision Making
Determine key metrics, appropriate reporting methodology and systems required by management to operate the business.
Plan and Execution
Produce and update financial and operational transition plans.

Project Specific Assignments

Systems Implementation
Design and implement detailed system conversion plans to mitigate potential disruptions and maximize long term value.
Business Development Assessment
Accurate assessment of financial and non-financial components of business development initiatives in the areas of acquisition, expansion and hiring.
Planning and implementation support for infrastructure and operational reductions.
Contract Negotiation
Contract negotiations with key suppliers and financial partners tailored to each individual business’ issues.
Business Sale / Exit Strategy
Comprehensive evaluation, planning and implementation support to maximize returns for key stakeholders and shareholders.

Efficiency Improvements

Business Review
Head-to-toe efficiency review of and recommendations for, the existing business model.
Increased Profitability
In depth review of margins and cost structures to identify opportunities to maximize efficiencies.
Controls And Reporting
Recommendation and implementation of appropriate controls to safeguard assets and ensure effective management of the business.
Tax Strategy
Review and identify opportunities to minimize income taxes and ensure compliance with regional goods and services levies.